Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nishinomiya Japanese Garden 10/26/13

We went for a stroll in the Japanese Garden in one of the local parks. The garden will close for the winter, so it was a last chance to grab a few fall pics of it before it's closed.

We also came across a flock of wild turkeys in the road on our way there.....not what you expect to see!

This is what it says about the garden on wiwkipedia.......

Nishinomiya Japanese Garden - in honor of Nishinomiya, Japan, Spokane's sister city. In 1967 noted landscape architect Nagao Sakurai began its design. After his stroke in 1973, designs were completed by Shosuke Nagai and Hirohiko Kawai and the garden was dedicated in 1974.

Here's the pictures.....enjoy! we certainly did.

The wild turkeys, was funny that the other cars waited for them to cross the street before they continued.

and here's the garden pictures.....

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